Heaven’s Landscape

Rolling Hills
Location: Guilin, Guanxi, China

I was fortunate enough be able to spend some time in Guilin in April of 2014. We hired a driver instead of taking a tour so that I could spend more time taking photos and less time keeping up with the tour.


The city of Guilin is on the Li River with not much to see in my opinion. The real beauty is in Yangshou County which you can get to by taking a 4 hour ferry ride down the Li River. As you meander through endless hills and mountains, you will see many different villages, people commuting to work on bamboo rafts, water fowl, water buffaloes, and waterfalls. The day I took the ferry happened to be an extremely foggy day making it difficult to see the layers and layers of mountains. I had to do a lot of burning in Photoshop to bring out the mountains in the background.



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